How To Get Real Influencers to Spread Your Content

One of the key ways that Scale Social can help you is not only with social signals, but also to attract influencers who can give you some of the strongest signals and direct traffic. Here’s an article on attracting influencers in your niche.

Creating content can be a fairly straightforward and simple process. However, it can be a lot more difficult to get in front of the correct audience. In order for your content to get noticed on the wide open spaces of the internet, you need some assistance with having your content amplified.

An excellent way of reaching your target audience is by way of entities within your sphere that already exist and are important. However, in order to effectively achieve this, you will need to locate platforms and individuals that are already of great influence.

Before delving into how these key players can be identified, you first need to specify what you are looking for. Understanding what influence is is a very big part of this. Then you need to find people who embody those qualities.

What Are Infuencers?

Influencers on the Web are individuals who control authority within a specific industry and niche. Influencers control resources, and command a large and engaged following.

Most important of all, a real influencer’s words carry a lot of weight and drive followers to action. A post made by an influencer will engage the audience and inspire a conversation. What this means is that they can amplify your content, which will help you reach more of your targeted audience.

Don’t Be Fooled By Number Of Social Followers

Don’t let large numbers fool you. An account can have many Facebook fans or Twitter followers. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. How many of the followers are committed and active users. You want to find somebody who has an engaged audience.

For example, compare two blogs- one with a moderate amount of followers with numerous shares and comments, and another with a huge amount of followers but no user engagement. The one that has the more shares and comments will probably do better, since their audience reads the content and has more active discussion on it as well. Would you rather share your content with 1,000 readers who may just glance at it, or 100 people who will readily relate, discuss and share it?

Another great example is Twitter. Replies, favorites and retweets are all big indicators of having an engaged following. If content doesn’t really resonate, then it really doesn’t matter how many followers there are.

An account with lots of followers but not many replies, favorites or retweets are followers who just aren’t engaged. However, if a large volume of content is shared, then it show that the audience is paying attention to the content.

How To Identify Who The Real Influencers Are

Just following the trends that are a part of your industry or niche is a good way to start to identify the influencers who really matter. Performing a manual search can also help you determine whose opinions really carry the most weight in your industry and influence a large number of engaged and active users. There are also tools available that make the job of identifying influencers and initiating contact very easy.

Part 2 of this article will be posted tomorrow.

Make sure to come back to this blog for updates on my full Scale Social review, which I’ll be announcing on this blog!


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