Part 2: Getting Your Content Amplified by Influential Bloggers

This is Part 2 of the article I posted yesterday on getting social media influencers to spread your content far and wide, which can be real handy in getting results with the Scale Social software.

Using The Proper Tools For Doing Research

Having the right tools to use can help you identify influencers who really matter in your industry or niche and create a list of them. They can also help with determining what each influencer’s behavioral pattern is based on the historical data that is available. It includes the types of posts that they like and are likely to share, authors they follow, blogs they visit and so forth.

Having this kind of information will give you a big advantage when attempting to establish contact with these kinds of influencers.


When it first launched in 2008, Klout got a lot of attention. It was one if the very first networks that scored its users on the basis of their social influence. This service analyze an individual’s content on various social media platforms to see how it users react to it. The person is then given a score from 1 to 100.

Usually Klout is used to measure your own impact on social media. However, the score can also be quite informative if you are looking for a brief overview of an individual’s social influence with your network. You can also adjust subjects that you are interested in and find the highest scoring experts for those specific topics.


This app is a complex tool that provides you with various features for discovering influencers. To begin with, by researching any topic or keyword, you will be able to view top influencer profiles as well as their scores for audience reach, their content’s impact and also in terms of audience reach.

Full profiles can also be viewed that contain very detailed date on influencers, including list of social profiles, email addresses, websites, and content the person has authored.

What Influencers Can Do For You

You will receive many benefits from connecting with genuine influencers. Not only will they send traffic to you from amplifying the social reach of your audience, one of your industry’s well known and respected voice will provide your brand with added authority and respect. It works as a personal recommendation does to help improve your credibility.

In addition, to referring to your posts, mentioning your brand, or linking to your various platforms, an influencer can help to increase your organic search results rankings.

After you understand what the various types of influencers are and the benefits they can bring to you, you will be able to set your goals and determine exactly what you want to accomplish. You then can target the influencers whose behavior and qualities best fit in with your goals.

What Can You Do For Influencers?

A relationship with an influencer doesn’t benefit only you. In fact, many of these relationships will only work when you benefit them first. Asking yourself what an influencer might need or what you can do in order to help. This should be the very first thing that you do, instead of thinking right away what the influencer can do for you.

You have a much greater chance of getting what you want from somebody who has benefited from you in the past.

An a Whiteboard Friday episode, Rand Fishkin pointed out that influencers are always in need of unique and new content that they can share. Therefore, you should try to provide these people with valuable content that will help make them look good as well as help them with growing their audience and brand.

Establish Valuable Relationships And Nurture Them

Influencers give preference to their own community members who share their posts, comment on the articles they have written, follow them on their social media platforms and participate in their conversations. So before sending a pitch, it can be worth it to spend some time participating in some of these activities.

When initiating a first contact with an influencer, provide some of value to them, such as appreciating an article and mentioning how you shared it with colleagues and friends.

That is a good first step, but you will also want to work on building relationships that are genuine with influencers. That way in the future when you have content you need to have amplified it will be a lot easier to contact them. At this point you can discuss what your content idea or content is to the influencer and explain to him or her why sharing this content would provide the
individual’s followers with value.

When it works, make sure to express you gratitude and mention the person on social media. This will definitely be valuable in the future.


Real influencers have genuine interest and passion in what they do. Therefore, your content needs to be something that is worth sharing.

In addition, it is frequently better to build relationships first- by opening up communication and sharing their content- every before you attempt to get your own content shared. When attempting to use the influencer strategy for getting your content ampified, building relationships is definitely the most important aspect. You can only hope to benefit from influencers after you first help them achieve their goals.

Thanks for reading this article. Around launch day, I’ll be posting my comprehensive Scale Social review, so make sure to keep a lookout!


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